"Training with Stacey has helped me lose weight and tone my body. In addition, Stacey's encouragement and support helped increase my motivation to continue working out and in a way that best fit my body and lifestyle.  What makes training with Stacey so unique, is her ability to train at my home while I watch my infant daughter.  That has helped me find the balance I need to take care of myself and my daughter." 
- Sharon S.

"As one of FitFatale Training's clients, I can honestly tell you it is amazing. And this is coming from someone who prior to hiring Stacey firmly believed that working out was evil. I didn't think it was possible, but she changed my mind!" - Nkechi C.

Stacey is AWESOME!! She totally gets women's bodies and has the keen ability to personalize each training session to fit your needs and goals. Not only does she guide one through a great workout, but she gives valuable tips on nutrition. She actually makes working out FUN!Type your paragraph here. - Nancy Y.

Client Testimonials

"I have been working with Stacey for months and could not recommend her more.  I am not a fan of working out.  But I was instructed by my doctor that it was time to lose some weight.  Stacey is teaching me the importance of consistency which has been my downfall over the years.  She is patient, supportive and really cares about me getting healthier.  It is great to have someone on my side that I can be completely honest with about my struggles.  Stacey is always giving me different options on workouts to keep it new and fun.  And she is always watching to make sure I am doing all the exercises in the proper form as to not have any injuries.  I am such a fan of Stacey and her personal training.  If you are looking for someone to kick your butt and get you in shape- please call Stacey!  You won't regret it!" - Jen R.

“Stacey is an amazing trainer.  I have only been training with Stacey a few months, but I’ve already seen incredible changes.  In this time, there have been some obvious changes like my clothes fit better because I’ve noticeably lost weight and my posture has improved dramatically.  But even more than than that, I have achieved a sense of empowerment and confidence that I’ve never experienced before...what makes Stacey a great trainer is that she gives you the tools that you can work with when you’re not with her Most importantly, she always changes it up so that you are constantly working your whole body and you don’t get bored with the same old routines."
- Charmain C.

"I'm a mom with a child at home so I can't get to the gym regularly.  Stacey worked with me to design a workout I could easily do at home or even at the park!  She's extremely knowledgeable about fitness and also makes you feel at ease immediately.  I moved away but I still do her strength training workout regularly in my new home!" - Krista C.

Stacey is AMAZING!  I've been fortunate enough to train with her in person (pre-Covid) and she has been the primary reason I have not turned into a flesh blob during Covid.  Her weekly group Zoom classes have been a life saver!!  With the 30 minute format, I'm able to get a workout in during my lunch break AND still have time to eat lunch.  And Stacey's vast knowledge and passion for all things physical fitness totally benefits her students as she is able to maximize that 30 minute workout to help us get the best results!  I was inspired to sign up again for private Zoom sessions (I hope those stick around even after we're free to roam again) so that I can benefit from having her keen eyes on me, correcting my form and acknowledging my wins, during the workout.  I would definitely suggest you join the group classes AND sign up for private sessions!  

Did I mention that her prices are beyond reasonable??? Her private sessions are a steal!  Sign up now, you won't regret it. - Stacy S.