Small Group Training

Small group training gives you the same benefits of individualized fitness plans, while giving you a more cost effective approach to getting in shape. Grab a few friends and make getting in shape fun! 

  • ​2-3 Friends                       $30/Person
  • ​4-5 Friends                       $25/Person
  • 6 and up ​                          $20/Person

Diet & Lifestyle

A one hour session to overhaul your nutrition understanding and demystify your idea of a "diet." Stacey will cover the basics of how to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle with meal plans, shopping lists and nutrition 101. Working out can make changes in your body, but eating right can change your life!

You can use one of your personal training sessions as a Lifestyle Consultation,  purchase one a la carte, or several to maintain your goals.

Single Lifestyle Consultation            $65

3  Lifestyle Consultations                  $99

Meet once a month for 3 months

to keep your healthy lifestyle on



FitFatale Training accepts payments by Cash, Check or through Paypal. All packages must be paid in advance before the start of the first session. 

Personal Training 

Single Personal Training Session          $65

3 Personal Training Sessions               $150

Get a jumpstart on your fitness routine.

Includes a 2 week training program.

8 Personal Training Sessions               $375

Great for a once a week client who 

needs that extra push.

12 Personal Training Sessions             $530

For use in up to 6 weeks. Ideal for 

those getting back to fitness, looking

to lose a few pounds or reach a fitness


16 Personal Training Sessions             $675

Is 3 times a week what you need?

Finding the motivation to work out can

seem daunting and overwhelming.

Having a trainer there for every 

workout can give you the push

you need.

24 Personal Training Sessions            $980

​A 3 month training program that will 

reshape your body by gaining muscle

and losing body fat. Ideal for those 

ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle.