Training 101

Personal Training is a great way to either begin a new fitness routine, jumpstart a lagging one or achieve a goal you once thought was out of reach. 

As a certified trainer, I'll guide you through a personalized workout designed with your goals in mind, at your home. My focus is functional fitness for a simple, healthy lifestyle. 

As a mom of 2 small boys, I know all too well how tough it is to fit fitness into my schedule, so I'll maximize your valuable time with a fast paced, fun, full body workout that will give you quick, toned results!


​Where will we train?
At your home! Or a nearby park if that's more convenient. Using very little equipment, I'll show you how to use your environment to have a great workout. UPDATE: I AM CURRENTLY ONLY TRAINING VIA ZOOM.

What do I need for our workout?
Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, athletic shoes, and most importantly, a good sports bra. Bring a bring small towel and a bottle of water. I'll provide everything else.

What should I expect?
Our first session will include a fitness assessment including your goals as well as a great workout. All sessions are 60 minutes.

But I have small children...
Not to worry, so do I! I can work around your child's nap time, or if you like they can participate too. I've trained plenty of women with their kids strapped in their Bjorn or in the stroller.